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Installation or Do-it-yourself?


We design and build our solar pumping kits for easy do-it-yourself installation so that you can save money and so that you are familiar with every part of the equipment that you have purchased and are relying on.   We have been supplying the kit form solar pumps for 12-years and nearly every client that has purchased has been able to follow the instructions and complete the installation without major issues.  We supply the kit with all cables attached and plugs on the end that can only be plugged into the correct socket, the complete kit is fully tested before dispatch.

To carry out a safe DIY installation you will need 2 people and a post hole digger is a big help, you do not require any special tools.   It usually takes 2 people about 4 to 5 hours to complete an installation of a 6-panel solar array and the pump into the bore with everything attached and water pumping. This will vary depending on the number of solar panels and the depth of the bore, the temperature, the number of flies and other biting insects.

Installation Service:

We are of course very happy to offer a complete installation service for your new system. Depending on the available assistance on site, we will send one or two Irrigation Warehouse staff with all of the equipment to install the solar array and the pump and switching equipment.   The cost of sending staff out to site is considerable and will be charged at our normal rates.   You will need to supply the hole/s for the array post and the rapid set concrete and water, we will supply everything else. 

Our staff are also able to install household pressure systems, pressure tanks, air release valves, filters and water softeners at the same time and this can be a considerable cost savings. Our staff do not install poly pipe.